The Paradise Pack: Tools For Creating a Freer Lifestyle

The Paradise Pack: Tools For Creating a Freer Lifestyle

Have you thought about quitting your current job and working for yourself? Do you want to start a side hustle to make some extra cash each month? Do you dream of doing something different with your life, but just don’t know where to start? 

This bundle of resources is for you!

Our website is all about showing you how to work remotely on your own terms, make money while you’re travelling, and live a freer lifestyle. The Paradise Pack aligns with our mindset perfectly. 

This is the sixth year that the pack has been running, and each year there are different resources, courses, and tools to show you the roadmap to success through a location independent business. 

As with last year, we’re pleased to announce that our product will be included in the Pack. Last year we shared our Beginner’s Blogging Course, which walks you through the set-up of a WordPress blog, and this year our SEO Made Simple course is in the Pack.

We’re so excited!

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What is The Paradise Pack?

The Paradise Pack is a bundle of online products from expert travel and business gurus. The pack is available for one week, once a year, at a discounted rate (this year it’s 92% off) and then it’s gone…

Each year the Pack is different, so if there are products you’re interested in, don’t assume you’ll get the Pack next year  — those resources will be gone!

The items in the Paradise Pack teach you exactly how to be your own boss, run your own business from your laptop, learn a new language to help you live abroad, become an Instagram pro, teach English online, earn an income while you sleep, and much more.

Jason and Travis are the guys behind this incredible Pack, and they themselves live the location independent lifestyle. They practice what they preach! From travellers to business owners, they’re living their dream lifestyle and want to help you do more of what you love, with those you love.


The Paradise Pack is a paid bundle of tools, but there is a free guide available as well.

If you’re interested in learning how to manage your time more wisely, how to work through your tasks more efficiently and how to implement the Pomodoro Technique (What’s that? Find out in the guide!), then click here for your free guide

Here’s what previous Pack members are saying:

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What Products Are in The Paradise Pack?

This year the Pack offers educational products from 17 professionals. These people are experts in online business, entrepreneurship, location independence and of course, travel! All you need to succeed in creating the lifestyle of your dreams is in this Pack. 

Here are a few of the things you’ll learn from the courses, tutorials, books and guides (for a full list, click here):

  • SEO Made Simple (this is our product) – SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your blog to rank in search engines like Google. Once you crack the code of SEO, the formula is repeatable. Learn the SEO Blueprint that we’ve used to grow our blog to over 350,000 users per month. More readers means you’re spreading your message to a greater audience, growing your brand, and of course, earning more income through advertising, affiliates and product sales.  
  • Build Your Brand – Uncover your personal brand step by step, share your uniqueness with the world, build a thriving business, and support a lifestyle you love.
  • App Building Blueprint – Have an idea for the most epic app ever, but don’t know where to start? This will help you get your app into the hands of millions.
  • US Tax For Digital Nomads – Becoming a Digital Nomad is great, but what do you do about taxes in your home country? Learn about going from being a W-2 employee to moving every few months, the tax concepts that impact you, and receive a practical to-do list before you leave the States.
  • How to Learn Any Language, Quickly – If you want to become a digital nomad and live all around the world, you’re going to want to learn some of the local language. You’ll learn exact language hacks Benny used to become fluent in 8 languages (and conversational in many more). Learn his framework for quick language learning and go step-by-step through your 3-month language mission.  
  • Passive Income Powerhouse – Passive income means that you earn money while you’re travelling, sleeping, eating, golfing, etc. Basically, when you’re doing things you enjoy! With the advancement of technology, anyone can earn “passive income”. You’ll learn how top Udemy instructor Jonathan Levi has made over $1 Million in passive income using simple frameworks anyone can apply. 

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There are many more products, including teaching English, online tutoring, how to succeed in the Instagram biz, how to go from a “Wantrepreneur” to a successful Entrepreneur, how to earn money as a consultant, how to put together the ultimate mastermind team, how to launch a product effectively, and so much more. 

There are many more resources available in the pack. For a full list of what you can expect, plus more details on what each product offers you, click here.

How Much Does The Paradise Pack Cost?

The value of the products in the Paradise Pack is over $6,000.  

But, if you purchase all of them as a bundle between April 23 – April 29 (11:59pm PST), you’ll receive 92% off. The Paradise Pack costs $497 USD. 

This online education is available to you for a fraction of what it would cost to go to College or University. Plus, you’re able to learn at your own pace — pause the courses, books and tutorials when you want to and resume later. The schedule of when you watch, read and learn is entirely up to you and the products are yours to go back on whenever you feel like it. 

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing our latest SEO course, now is the time to do so. For just $200 more, you’ll receive 16 more expert courses, books and guides! 

Invest in yourself, your future and your dreams. 

What Else is Included?

Not only will the Paradise Pack help you change your life, but you’ll be changing the lives of others. Every year, Jason and Trav give 10% of their profits to the Pencils Of Promise organization, a company that builds schools all over the world. 

So far, Jason and Trav have donated enough to build 2 schools (one in Guatemala and one in Laos), and they’re on their way to a third. Your purchase of the Paradise Pack contributes to the education of numerous children around the world, how great is that?!

Also, you’ll receive a bonus immersion workshop 2 weeks after you purchase the Paradise Pack. This will help you get started with the Pack, and keep your enthusiasm and momentum up.

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How Do You Get The Pack?

The great thing about online learning is that there’s no physical product that you have to wait for, that you can lose, or that will get coffee spilled all over it. Every item in the Pack is electronic and is sent to your email. All you need to do is buy the Pack when it’s available on April 23rd. 

To learn more about the Paradise Pack, who’s involved in it, what you’ll get for your buck, and to be notified of when it’s available to purchase, click here.

Happy Entrepreneurship 😀

Dariece & Nick

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